The mission of the AHCRN is to increase awareness and understanding, accelerate research, and improve treatments for adults living with hydrocephalus. Our ultimate goal is to prevent and cure hydrocephalus.

Need for Research

There is a dearth of knowledge surrounding adult hydrocephalus. Adult neurosurgeons and neurologists simply do not know who is at risk, what the best diagnostic measures are, what treatments are most effective, or how co-morbidities will affect outcomes.

  • For acquired hydrocephalus, why do some adults develop hydrocephalus after an illness or disease but others do not? What mechanisms caused the development hydrocephalus?
  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is one of the few treatable forms of dementia, but is often misdiagnosed at Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or symptoms are simply attributed to the normal aging process. For more information on NPH go to the Hydrocephalus Association’s website.
  • For congenital hydrocephalus patients who were not treated as children, why have their symptoms suddenly developed? What is the best approach to managing these patients?
  • In addition there is a growing population of pediatric hydrocephalus patients who are transitioning to the adult health care system. What new difficulties do they face? How does their care and treatment change?