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Like Father, Like Son: An NPH Journey

One man watched his father decline into a state of confusion until diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. Then he found himself traveling the same road.

Senate Demonstrates Support for Continued Research for Veterans Living with Hydrocephalus

The hydrocephalus community claimed a big victory on Capitol Hill when we helped ensure Congress did not restrict medical research for veterans living with hydrocephalus.

Finding that Perfect Fit

It was truly amazing to be surrounded by people who either have hydrocephalus themselves that know exactly what it’s like to live the way I live,

The Power of Sharing

I look forward to going back to the hydrocephalus conference to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends and learn the latest and greatest information...

The Difficulties of Diagnosing Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Approximately 10% of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia are living with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. Why is it so often mis- or undiagnosed?

Next Steps for the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network

The Core Data Project of the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network (AHCRN) has enrolled nearly 200 patients since in late 2014.

Happening NOW! American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Washington DC

AHCRN Principal Investigators represent the patient voice at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

U.S. News & World Report Features Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Is it dementia or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. U.S. News & World Report reports on the importance of proper diagnosis of this treatable dementia.

FOX News Educates the Public on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

With it's recent story on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Fox News plays an important role in our continued efforts to educate the public and raise awareness about hydrocephalus and normal pressure hydrocephalus to a large national audience.

Bringing Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Out of Obscurity

In the 1960s, a treatable form of dementia was a controversial claim. One man questioned things that others were simply content to accept, and to bring it into the real world as a clinically diagnosable and, more importantly a treatable syndrome known as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. Who was Dr. Salomon Hakim?