Marvin Sussman, PhD

Medical Industry Consultant


Device and Technology Medical Industry Consultant

Former Hydrocephalus Association Board Member


Dr. Sussman has nearly 40 years of experience in medical device development and regulation. He has been an officer of NOMOS Corporation, where he guided the development of the organizational structure, implementation of their quality system through ISO 9001 certification and developed the strategy that gained U.S. regulatory clearance for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) devices, which revolutionized the field of radiation therapy. He was Director of Research and Technology for CORDIS Corporation where he supervised the development of a number of products through the 510(k), PMA and foreign regulatory approvals as well as market introductions. He has been involved in a number of “firsts” in disruptive technologies including the first totally-implantable neural stimulator (including participating in preparing and presenting the PMA to the FDA), flow regulated hydrocephalus shunt, IMRT system and qEEG for neurosurgical clinical applications such as traumatic brain injury. Marvin served as co-chairs of the AAMI Neurosurgery Committee, the AAMI ICP and ASTM CNS Shunt Standards Committees and was the industry representative on the FDA Neurological Devices Panel for 2 terms. Marvin’s doctoral degree and postdoctoral studies were from the University of Miami, School of Medicine in Neurophysiology and Biophysics. He holds over 10 patents for devices in Neurosurgery and the sterile packaging/testing of medical devices.