Thomas Zwimpfer, MD, PhD, FRCSC

Principal Investigator


Clinical Professor, Division of Surgery
Vancouver General Hospital
University of British Columbia
Head of the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital
Consultant Neurosurgeon at BC Children’s Hospital
Consultant at BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Clinic


Dr. Zwimpfer, a neurosurgeon and Head of the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital, has made significant contributions to medical education and research. Since 1995, he has been a committee member for the medical curriculum at the University of British Columbia. He developed the brain and behaviour section as part of the problem-based learning medical curriculum and served as the chair and case author of the week on the spinal cord in the brain & behaviour block. Additionally, Dr. Zwimpfer has been the neurosurgical representative on the Clinical Skills Committee for the brain & behaviour block since 1997 and the Department of Surgery Undergraduate Curriculum Committee since 1998. His scholarly work includes 9 clinical and 4 research publications related to traumatic injuries and nerve regeneration.